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Body Labels and unsimple portraits


Body Label

Photographer Stephanie Vandenburg (Everburg Photography) uses herself and her husband for models/subjects because “(they)¬†are readily available, work for free, and don’t complain about long hours.”

Regardless of the reason for turning the lens self-ward, she has created of her photographs, a portraiture and narrative that is sometimes playful (as in Nerd Love), sometime political (as in Body Label, shown above) and always thought-provoking. You can find more of her work at deviantart.

About the self-portrait shown here, Vandenburg wrote:

People put labels on me all the time, whether they are good or bad. People immediately label people the second they meet them, putting a person’s basic personality all in one neat little package but never getting anymore diverse or complex. I will always be labeled by people, but I don’t have to let those labels shape who I am.

Stop labeling my body. It’s not as simple as you think.


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